A Vegan Valentines

Valentines Day is just me loving any excuse to make special food and buy unnecessary home decor if we’re being completely honest. And because I wake up at 6am, I had plenty of time to slave away all morning to create my two favorite things: breakfast picnic.

New Tray (right) from Hobby Lobby – my new fave

Now that I actually look at it, its just dessert. But that SPREAD ammirite?

Guys, you don’t understand. As much as I love breakfast foods, I rarely create anything different because I literally eat the same bowl of oatmeal every day. You might think it’s lazy, but it’s actually just the best damn bowl of oatmeal you will ever eat in your life and I just can’t do it. I. Just. Can’t. Do. It.

So with that struggle, I made a pretty decent picnic I would say. Strawberries were honestly one of the best parts – without good berries, who even am I?

The Players:

Cinnamon Loaf ft. Strawberries (Oil free might I add)

Silk (soy) Yogurt Parfaits with Frozen Berries (and pumpkin flax granola chilling in the background)

Pancake Skewers (Whole wheat peanut butter and chocolate chip (enjoy life) pancakes with berried and nanas)

All of this was absolutely delicious – but I must say that vegan yogurt is a waste of time. But Connor was pretty happy and our tummies were full! The cinnamon loaf wrecked me though.

But after that it was back to oatmeal. Without it, I am nothing. And I’m not even mad.

Until Next Time,



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