Sick Sunday ft High Tea and Dennis

Hello all – I am sick, it’s Sunday, and it’s raining outside. So what better thing to do from my patio than to write about tea?

But before I go on – I need to introduce a new member of the family: Dennis

Dennis is a bit nervous in his new home but he’s acclimating

This cat is my world right now. So much love.

After recently finishing the Gilmore Girls series, I had the desire to go to a high tea and basically slowly become Emily Gilmore and live a life of luxury. As you can imagine “vegan” and “high tea” normally don’t go together when you think about the tiny sandwiches stuffed with mayo or cream cheese, buttery scones, and rich pastries. Which is so disappointing honestly. BUT after researching I found that the Biltmore in Phoenix had vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options listed on their website.


And let me tell you – Kevin (our server and tea connoisseur) did an amazing job. Never in my LIFE have a met someone so inspired by tea.

I was definitely not expecting much though – people don’t put too much work into vegan options. But – I was definitely satisfied:


1st Course:

Some amazing toasted bread – no idea what it was called – with edamame hummus and veggies (cucumber, carrots, radishes, and peppers)

Tea: Black Currant


2nd Course:

Baby bell peppers and celery stuffed with some magic hummus, roasted veggie skewers (zucchini, squash, peppers, and mushrooom), and marinated olives (best olives I had in my LIFE)

Tea: African Solstice


3rd Course:

Berries – definitely disappointing but truthfully the best berries I’ve had. Paired with their homemade raspberry preserves too.

Tea: Cherry Marzipan


100% believe in the more colorful your food, the better it is. And now I have a new love of radishes and yellow carrots and rekindled my love for good teas. Thinking that a vegan high tea in the east valley wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

Tea master Kevin

Unfortunately it’s about that time for some Z-quill and a nap.


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