Cookbook Challenge #3: “Soba” and Veggie Noodle Bowl

It’s taken me so much energy to get through this post because I didn’t know that I didn’t like miso until I made this.

Anyways – this miso bowl was the next thing on my list! The recipient called for soba noodles (buckwheat) but I couldn’t find them ANYWHERE. So I just ended up using some weird Asian noodles. Kind of like a thicker ramen noodle which was honestly the best part.

I did like this recipe because it wasn’t soup – it was mainly noodles and pasta is my everything.

Ingredient wise, it’s super simple. Peas, carrots, mushroom, brocolini, noodles, miso, and veggie broth. Low oil content (I think maybe no oil at all) and very healthy for you!

Anything that’s brightly colored is something I’m usually down to eat. Miso just isn’t my thing I guess.

So because of my lack of enthusiasm, I didn’t take many pictures and wasn’t very motivated to share this bowl. But Connor really liked it and basically ate all the leftovers keeping that food waste hella low.
Now for the real update: 

Dennis has decided that this apartment is good enough for him and comes out often to hang around and run from place to place exploring. He doesn’t understand that he’s supposed to scratch the scratch board or sleep in the bed but I think he’s a happy kitty! We’re bonding pretty hard.
Until next time,



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