Cookbook Challenge #4: Herbed Socca with Hummus and Broccoli

My life has been half busy and half lazy. That being said, I haven’t been my master chef self. In-between working, working out, and watching House, what’s a girl to do?

And Dennis, let’s not forget about Dennis who riped up a key on my key board.

Unfortunately I think Dennis might have a little kitty cold so we have scheduled a vet appointment for Friday – hopefully all is well. He’s honestly such a sweetheart – we bond so hard guys. And no, my cats not a vegan – stop trying to make your dogs and cats herbivores.

So, Socca?

Socca is like an unleavened pancake made of chickpea flour originating in Italy. Basically, chickpea flour, oil, and water make this simple “bread” that can uniquely be used as, you guessed it, pizza crust???

Yes, that’s right. This recipie is not your average Socca nor is it your average pizza – it’s a bit of both. 

After letting my batter sit for about two hours, I poured it in my pie pan (recipe called for a cast iron skillet, but we can’t all be kitchen heroes), and let it bake along with my broccoli florets:

I honestly had no idea what I was doing with this weird pancake thing but all I can tell you is that it DEFINITELY worked. 

If you dont love garlic I dont love you

Topped with some hummus, broccoli, and spinach – this Socca was killing it.

 Unfortunately, this dish is not oil free but I did roast the broccoli without oil even though the recipe called for it – there’s really no reason to do it (especially with broccoli which crisps up super fast).

Much socca

Come on guys – that’s a good looking dish. What a success! To make it healthier you could of course make your own hummus, but overall it’s pretty good for you. I added some spinach and pin nuts but you could put whatever you want on it and I’m sure it would be delicious!

Although the piece I cut out of the pan wasn’t picture worthy, it was divine.

Also, the author of this cookbook definitely commented on my Instagram post about this dish – no big deal….

(Oh you don’t follow me on insta? You’re missing out: @mserinross914)

Anyways, sarting tomorrow I’ll be working at Scottsdale Fashion Week as an assistant makeup artist which is very exciting – unfortunately when you’re on the job it’s very hard to dictate what you eat at times – I’ll be bringing my own stash of snacks just in case but look out for a post about how to plan for unplanned meals! Being vegan is fun but not always convenient – but I promise there’s always a way to make it work!
Until next time,



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