Cookbook Challenge #5: Warm Tempeh Sandwich with Wasabi Aioli 

Oh my god guys this weekend has been so hectic. After three consecutive nights working at makeup for Scottsdale Fashion Week and being up way past my bedtime, I slept like a rock.

You also have to understand that I prefer to be in bed at 10, so seeing the clock at 2am when I get under the covers is devastating. 

But it was such an amazing opportunity and I’m so happy I got to be apart of it.

Now onto the food.

Tempeh is weird guys. I don’t get it. Obviously this is the first time I’ve ever had it, and I would honestly say that it was a success.

This recipe called for tempeh, lettuce, and the ingredients above (for the aioli).

Mayo, vegan or not, kinda grosses me out so while I was making the sauce and tasting it, my hopes were way down for this Sammie. But I was surprised when it turned out! The secret to any sandwich guys, is the bread.

This guy on the bicycle has my back – it’s so good and #sprouted. I used to eat a Sara Lee brand “diet” bread that was 45 calories per slice. Sounds like everything I was looking for until you see how processed it is. I switched because I knew my body would be happier and also flax is so filling.

For this Sammie I of course toasted the bread because toast beats bread any day. 

It makes a pretty good looking sandwich featuring some frozen veggies because health.

But you still can’t tell me that tempeh looks kinda gross.

Alterations I made were putting less aioli on the bread, toasting it, and not using oil to heat the tempeh.

Dessert after was a mango and some sprouts dark chocolate covered pretzels which went so fast I couldn’t even take a picture! 😉
I have no idea if these posts are even fun to read or not – you let me know. I’m just excited to share my food with you guys! 


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