Vegan Review: Beyond Meat

Guys – my life has been so crazy lately. It’s actually gotten so busy that I forgot to even take a picture of a vegan pasta salad from my cookbook and I’m so upset.

But I haven’t forgotten about you.

After doing makeup for Scottsdale Fashion Week, Toyota, and keeping on top of my apartment and Dennis, it literally just been hectic at times. And when I do have down time, all I want to do is nothing.

But I’m back and have so many unfinished posts that I’m excited to share with you soon – and this one has to start now or I am going to ramble on for a very long time.



I’ve heard about this brand for a while now and I actually first heard about it from youtuber, Travis S. who is not a vegan at all but actually enjoys this brand. If you haven’t seen his channel though, I highly encourage it. He definitely doesn’t eat vegan, but he does crazy food challenges and talks about exercise and nutrition. he’s just a super positive guy – I give his channel two thumbs up.

Fancy blurry picture

Confession: I suck at getting in my protein. I just kind of eat what feels good and healthy but I am not someone who looks out for their protein intake which is something I have to work on. Although, this stuff having 13g of plant protein in a half cup is something that caught my eye at the store – and Sprouts was having a sale.


So with all of these lovely ingredients, I made my hearty pasta with “meat” sauce.

*Cue applause*

I would make this again – and will because I have so many left overs. All it took was cooking the meat on a skillet for about three minutes and I adden the sauce to the pan, threw it on some pasta, and it was complete. Adding some spices and nutritional yeast was also a bonus.

So the Pros: Good flavor, fast preparation, and potential to have a good consistency if you use oil like I didn’t

Cons: A bit chewy and dry, but I blame that on my impatience. I should’ve used oil and let it simmer with the sauce for a longer amount of time.


Nada Moo Ice Cream

And guys – guys this is amazing. By far the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had.

The consistency is just on point guys – my only critique is that there were NO MARSHMALLOWS PRESENT – it was upsetting but after I calmed down a bit I decided that this is the only vegan ice cream I want to buy (although Ben and Jerry’s will always be in my heart). It’s made with coconut milk but you can’t tell any difference between this and milk based products and it doesn’t really need t be thawed that much. Excited to try the other flavors!

Alrighty. That’s it for today. Let me know what you think of these products if you’ve tried them before or if you have a favorite beef and ice cream alternative!

Until next time,



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