Cookbook Challenge #6: Easy Vegan Ramen

How is Dennis? I’m so glad you all asked:

I just got him a new toy and this morning, once my alarm went off and I pressed snooze, all I heard was a series of meows telling me to get up. When I tried to fall back asleep, they got louder. I opened my eyes to see Dennis next to my bed, looking at me, with his strawberry toy in his paws. 

So basically I woke up at 6:30 on a Sunday – but it was just too cute.

Anyway, back to the food!
It’s been raining here and got a little colder these past few days. Conveniently, soup was on the menu – more specifically, ramen. And who doesn’t like ramen? 

Of course, I couldn’t use the seasoning packet in the package because it actually contains milk product – but all the other ingredients made up for it!

These bomb ingredients

With broth, kale, mushrooms, onion, peas, and delicious spices, it was almost fool proof. And as the recipe title says, it was super easy.

Wow kale, you lookin fiiiiine

Also – how cute is this strainer??? Kale is NOT my go to green because it gets bitter fast if not used right. But from this angle…

(I did add some tofu but that was a mistake.)

Basically, after soaking mushrooms in boiling water, everything boils together to make an Asianish and very mushroom-y noodle dish. (Which is awesome because mushrooms are one of my favorite foods). In all honesty, it tastes exactly the way you would think it does so it’s not a very exciting dish – but the comfort was real. I miss those ramen packets some times but it just shows that just adding veggie broth and your own spices, you can make a delicious, healthy, and virtually salt free meal!

Guys I promise the next recipe will be more interesting. So, until next time,



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