My garlic is popping up guys!!! I grew something!!!!

Do you see it????

Alright, here we go:

I don’t think I’ve ever made something so unattractive and yet so delicious in my life – so just so you know I only took like two pictures.

If you’re on a HCLF vegan diet this recipe just wins. All of these ingredients are so simple and whole and good for you. It’s a nice warm bowl of comfort food that really fills you up (even though the leftovers are even better cold).

Look at these whole ingredients wooooow

*When you don’t have soy sauce so you use teriyaki*

Basically most all the ingredients are heated up and put in a food processor – you even save the chickpea water to give the sauce some extra creaminess because it can tend to be sticky. But I attribute the ugliness of this dish to these guys:

Thanks Homegoods

They’re still cute though. Oh, I also added in some Beyond Beef Crumbles because i had some left in my freezer from my last pasta dish I made. The recipe called for some vegan sausage but I though that this stuff really gave it some good flavor and heartiness.


I already warned you so I don’t want to talk about it.

I give this recipe 2 thumbs up – I loved the flavor so much. I did realize that I forgot parsley but the rosemary was so powerful that it didn’t need it.


Now on to something pretty:

Still dreaming about this

Katy and I had a treat yo self moment the other day at Pomegranate Cafe and go this gluten free vegan slice of cake. Not too sure what it’s called but it was just yellow cake with rich chocolate frosting with maybe brownie pieces? We didn’t know but we ate the whole thing.

(Also you already would’ve known I ate this if you followed my insta @mserinross914)

Pom Cafe is one of the best vegan places in the valley. I haven’t eaten anything I didn’t like there. They make everything from their cakes to their milk and cheeses in house. It’s amazing and it’s even better when leisurely enjoying cake with my closest friend.

Until next time,



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