Disneyland Vegan Road Trip Snacks

Summer is upon us! And you know what that means–the season of road trips is officially here. I have a very complicated relationship with road trips. Growing up I would get HORRIBLE motion sickness, and even to this day I still get nauseous just driving around town. That being said, road trips have always been a bit rough for me. But at the same time, I love being able to just hang out in the car, listening to music, and most importantly, snack!

This past week I journeyed over to Disneyland with my brother, his girlfriend, and the always lovely Erin. The six-hour car ride can definitely drag on, but that’s nothing a well stocked cooler and a funny podcast can’t fix!

Power Packed Granola Bars

fullsizeoutput_11d9Normally I’m not a huge ‘bar’ person, but there’s something so delightfully convenient about this little guys when I’m travel, that I just couldn’t resist picking some up for the road. I try and stick to the more “whole food” type bars, in which case, Lara Bar takes the cake. They are made of only nuts and dried fruit and honestly taste delicious! My one complaint is that they aren’t very satisfying. GoMacro bars on the other hand are almost like a meal to me! They are slightly higher in protein and only contain a few more processed ingredients. Plus they are 100% organic and oil-free, which is always a plus for me! These bars also came in handy for quick little munchies while waiting in line for rides at Disney.

Keepin’ Hydrated on the Road & in the Parks

fullsizeoutput_11dcOnce thing that has always soothed my car-sick stomach has been ginger. And ever since I discovered kombucha (more specifically the Ginger-Aid flavor) I knew I had a new favorite road trip drink on my hands. I also get a little bit of travelers stomach no matter how far I travel, so having some extra probiotics to help things along never hurt! Coconut water seems to have created polarized opinions–you either like it, or you HATE it. I lean towards the “liking” camp, so I brought it along for added drinking options. And of course a trusty reusable water bottle is always a good idea!

Pro tip: Disneyland doesn’t allow glass into the park, so if you’re bringing in your own food or drink make sure it is in a plastic container!

Snacking Basics


It’s easy to get caught up in all of the exciting processed vegan snack food, but at the end of the day plain whole foods will always have my heart. Oranges, apples, carrot, and snap peas are a few of my travel favorite because they don’t smash easily and they don’t need to be refrigerated. Unsalted trail mix is also great for long lasting sustained energy. I personally like to divide my trail mix into snack-pack portions for a quick pick-me-up. And the Trader Joe’s Just Beets chips have been an absolute game changer! Like the title says, the ingredients are just 100% dehydrated beets and they are a fun easy way to get in some added veggies and fiber while on the road.

Until next time everyone!



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